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The eGo CE4 is a popular product that retailers want to be able to get their hands on at all times. However, it is often difficult to compete with prices that are already so low.

ego ce4 starter kitThe TOOIO range makes for some of the most popular e-cig models that are currently on the market. And for good reason too. We perform well above average, are of superior quality, and Our batteries tend to last for many hours and often days between each charge. These models were designed with convenience in mind, and part of that convenience comes from the extended usage between battery charges.

As it is with most e-cigs, the eGo with CE4 Clearomizer is available as a three-piece design, consisting of the Clearomizer, eGO-T Battery, and cartridge. The eGo-C Twist Starter kit on the other hand is different. The battery of the eGo-C Twist may be broken into three separate parts, namely the head, the base, and the cone.

When assembled, both the eGo-CE4 Starter Kit and eGo-C Twist operate in precisely the same manner. Let’s consider the other similarities of the two models.

The battery, as you might expect, serves as the power supply, where the Clearomizer vaporizes the E-Liquid to produce the vapor (or smoke), and the cartridge contains the E-Liquid and also feeds (wicks) the E-Liquid through to the Clearomizer. The eGo-CE4 and eGo-C Twist Starter Kit use a spike to puncture the cartridge.


Both the eGo-CE4 and the eGo-C Twist use the same batteries. As such, batteries are fully interchangeable between models.


The eGo-CE4 and eGo-C Twist also use the same cartridges. The Clearomizer and cartridge have been designed in such a way where the cartridge is punctured by way of a spike which sticks up from the central area of the Clearomizer. The hole is sealed by the spike as well as the cartridge end-cap which in turn prevents any leakage.

Because it is sealed, the wick which is inside the spike can wick the liquid from the E-Liquid cartridge chamber to the Clearomizer’s coil without the requirement of a filler. The wick serves to regulate liquid flow so as to eliminate any potential flooding issues.


For most eGo batteries, there are four common charging options available. Those are A/C adapters, USB wire chargers, adapters for the car, and portable charging cases or PCC’s.

The problem is that the person wanting to purchase and sell these products will want to go the wholesale route so that they can make a solid profit on their investment. Manufacturers offer ego ce4 wholesale offers to different businesses and even some individuals based on certain criteria.

Vision Spinner Battery

The Vision Spinner offers the highest capacity variable voltage eGo which is currently available. So, basically, this means that you can vape at the voltage you most desire, and a higher voltage means more vapor.

This model of e-cig is nicely compact, which makes it particularly portable (dimensions: 4.45in. x 0.66in.). There are four markings on the Spinner which indicate the approximate output voltages. Those are 3.3 volts, 3.8 volts, 4.3 volts, and 4.8 volts. To choose the output voltage, use the dial on the base of the battery.

To charge the battery on the Vision Spinner, simply fasten the battery to a TOOIO eGo Rapid Charger. When the battery is fully charged, the charger light turns green.

Vision Spinner Technical Details:

510 Threaded: making it fully compatible with the TOOIO eGo Series cartomizers and atomizers, as well as the 510 Series cartomizers and atomizers. This battery should be charged by using a TOOIO eGo Rapid USB Charger.

Variable Voltage Output: the Vision Spinner may be adjusted from 3.2V~4.8V.

Lockable: the battery can be locked or unlocked by pressing the button five times within 1.5 seconds. When in lock mode, the battery does not power up the cartomizer or atomizer.

Cutoff Timer/ Atomizer Protection: should the button be depressed for 10 seconds, the battery shuts off until the button is released.

Wholesale Prices are Limited

It would be impossible to draw in distributors if every person were able to buy their ego ce4 at wholesale price. With a lack of profits, there would be no reason for retailers to ever sell the product. This is why the average buyer will never be able to buy products at wholesale as it cuts out retailers. Furthermore, if products need to be shipped across seas and there are no profits to be made by the retailer, they would be limited to a particular region.

Wholesale prices from Tooio will be given to retailers that are registered businesses online. This is done to ensure that there is always a competitive market price for the product and that the market does not become saturated. Depending on the ego ce4 wholesale provider, there may be a certain bulk order amount that needs to be reached before wholesale prices are offered.

For instance, If a company were to purchase 100 units, they may have the wholesale price dropped so that they can increase their profits. This is a major incentive to the buyer and seller alike. Virtually every seller of the ego ce4 will be selling items that they have purchased at wholesale price – besides those selling their items used.

In conclusion, although there are difference between each electronic cigarette model, there are also many similarities, which allows a certain amount of interchangeability of the various components.

It should be noted that when placing an order on our website, we will, at your request, provide original manufacturer’s equipment (OEM – specific brand name) or the original design manufactured equipment (ODM). Please do let us know, thank you!

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