Full range of electronic cigarettes and e liquids from TOOIO.COM, OEM/ODM and wholesale from electronic cigarettes manufactur with a factory in china

Introduction Our company

DeXin Technology Co. Ltd strives to offer reliable electronic cigarette products at the highest quality. This website Tooio.com is the subsidiary company that is dedicated to provide products and service for Wholesale and Distributor.

We are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

electronic cigarettes oemOEM is identified as items or equipments that were created by a legitimate e cigarette manufacturer. The original specification is the distinct factor that will separate OEM from ODM. It provides high quality and efficiency that the customers are looking for on a product. OEM simply has the originality and distinct characteristics one can define. But there are fundamentals that OEM can be inclined with.

The products or items that were created under OEM can be purchased by different companies and take the opportunity to brand the items on their own names. If you will notice, there are identical or the same items or products that is available in the market that has different brands or product names. This is the case of competition of the same product in various businesses.

There are also situations that the phrase “meeting OEM standards” written on a certain product doesn’t mean that it is an OEM manufactured. Sometimes it is considered as strategies by some manufacturer to level up their sales in the market.

We Are Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

electronic cigarettes odmODM is a company (often called as middle men) that designs and manufactures a product that another company or firm will specify and brand their own ready for sale. The advantage of this manufacturer is that they take charge on logistics without worrying about the cost or expenses relating to warehouse and other stuff. Usually, ODM are hired and paid by another company to plan, organize and create the product with the specifications given by that firm or sometimes ODM innovate their own specifications.

The company usually creates and patents the products of ODM. In this way, the licensing agreement is served to other companies to provide their technology. This model or type of manufacturing can be a potential factor in international trade because most of the ODM is used to produce goods for foreign company and firm because it can reduce less fees and result to booming profits.

OEM/ODM Electronic Cigarettes Manufacturer

First, we have to define what an electronic cigarette is. Electronic cigarette/ e-cigarette is often called as electronic vaping device, personal vaporizer (PV) or ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system is a type of cigarette that simulates tobacco smoking with the use of batteries. It is one of the distinct characteristics of e-cigarettes among ordinary cigarettes. It is also somehow considered as healthier than the regular ones. There are OEM/ODM electronic cigarettes that are available in the world market.  Different companies often brand and patent OEM and ODM made e-cigarettes. The demand of tobacco in the world market is maximized by companies by offer this new type of cigarette which is affordable and easy to use.

There are many different ways that companies have been doing to level up their sales in the market. Some usually buy wholesale of product from manufacturers at a cheaper price and they brand the product as their own and sell it on a higher price to make profits.

The production of OEM and ODM e-cigarettes can open more opportunities to small and starting companies that want to get a notch in the cigarette market. They may purchase and brand it on their own name without spending too much money.  If the firm provides own distribution connections and avenues that will save up more expenses and add more profit. OEM and ODM can be innovative in terms of the production and logistics or in controlling all the avenues of the process with a result of great profit and less expense. Opportunities are unraveled that many companies can adapt and try to boost their market sales in cigarette business.

The establishment of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is very beneficial to every business or industry because of the advantage it can give or provide. The electronic cigarette industry is one of the businesses that widely use OEM and ODM products because of the demand in the market.

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